Tinted windows can make your vehicle more attractive, add privacy, block glare and adds value to your vehicle.

Using only the best quality tint with professional application.

All shades of tinting available.

If you can't find what your looking for please don't hesitate to contact us! 



Four Wheel 


​2 Windows 

FORMULA ONE - Film for any lifestyle 

* SPF 50+ protection 

* Crystal clear view

* Maximum heat and glare rejection 

​* Life time warranty 

UNBREAKABLE - Safety and Security Film 

* Up to 7 time thicker than standard film

* Holds Shattered glass together

* Helps to prevent smash and gab break-ins

​* Life time warranty 

       Calibre                          Octane                         Formula 1                        Spectre      

SPECTRE - Ceramic Film 

* Superior infrared heat rejection

* Blocks 99% of UV rays 

* Fade Resistant  

​* Life time warranty 

Sedans/Hatchbacks/ Dual cabs 

Station Wagons 

Four Wheel Drives/ Glass Vans 


​2 Windows 

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS - Value for Money

* Reduces glare 

* Blocks heat 

​* Life time warranty 


OCTANE - Darkest Legal

* Blocks heat and glare

* Blocks 99% of UV rays 

* Deep black appearance for privacy 

​* Life time warranty