paintless dent removal

From $99

Paintless dent removal is the process of removing small to medium dents from a vehicle, while leaving the original paint intact.  It involves no painting, sanding or polishing, and once it is done you wouldn't even know there was ever a dent there!  The dent removal specialist uses special tools and lights, and in a short amount of time the dent is gone. 

​Not all dents can be removed this way, so drop in and see us or message us pictures of the damage for a quote.

Headlight Restorations

From $110

Yellowed, cloudy headlights don't only look bad, they are a safety hazard aswell.

We perform multiple stages of wet sanding, machine polishing and apply a ceramic coating. The end result is crystal clear headlights that will last for years.



Tinted windows can make your vehicle more attractive, add privacy, block glare and adds value to your vehicle. Using only the best quality tint with professional application. All shades of tinting available.

Paint Repair


Another service we offer is the repair and painting of vehicles. From large dent repairs, scratch and chip repairs, or even a colour change of your wheels we can help! 

Not everyone wants to pay for a whole panel to be repainted just because of a small amount of damage, and we understand that. Most of the time the repair can be done, and blended to match with the rest of the panel. The result is a quality finish at a great price.