Interior protection:

  UFC -                           

         Ultimate Fabric Coating is a                                             permanent coating. UFC works on any fibrous             surface - synthetics, cotton, nylon, silk, etc. and           has incredible resistance to wear. Protected                 surfaces are dirt, water, oil, etc. repellent and               super easy to clean.
         UFC does not change the look or feel of the                   fabric and does not form a film above the                     surface - ensuring protected surfaces can                     "breathe" as before and feel the same.                

                         Seats                                  From $85

                         Carpet                               From $65

                         Seats and Carpet             From $120 


         Ultimate Leather Coating is a solvent based                 nano coating for leather seats and leather                     upholstery, shiny finish.

                         Seats                                  From $150

  Interior Plastic protection-                  From $110

          Up to 6 -12 months protection  

          Natural look 

          Non Greasy 


​Max protect is the most durable coating  on the market with an outstanding resistance to chemical attacks. Once your vehicle is completely sealed your surfaces will be repellent to dirt, water and oil. Your paintwork will be left  with an ultra deep gloss. Max protect highly improves scratch resistance to the paintwork and can also restore faded plastic trim.  Ice, dirt and insects will no longer stick to the glass and cleaning the windows is very easy and fabrics become extremely resistant to wear. 

Paint Protection Application Process

Chemical Decontamination – removes ferrous (metal) contamination

Wheels Cleaned - safe wheel cleaner used

Snow Foam Pre Soak – breaks down dirt & grime before the paint is hand washed

High Pressure Rinse – removes bulk of dirt & grime 

2 Bucket Gentle Hand Wash – swirl free washing technique used

Final High Pressure Rinse – removing all soaps/cleaners

Microfibre Towel – soft microfibre for safe drying

Air Dry – to blow out excess water from crevices

IPA Wipe Down


Application of your chosen paint protection

Tyres Dressed – with a ‘non-fling’ tyre dressing

​​​Want the best protection for your new car? Or just wanting to keep your pride and joy protected and in great condition? Well look no further as we have you covered for all car protection needs! Save money on paying ridiculous car dealership prices, and get a proven top quality product with professional results.


Includes - Interior plastic protection 

                  - Fabric protection (carpet)                                                                                                  Paint protection: 

                  - Leather protection Or Fabric protection (seats)                                                        UNC V2 Proction Package -                              From   $900 

                  - Glass Protection                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Save     $210

                  - Wheel Protection                                                                                                                    UNCR 1.5 Protection Package -                       From   $1100

                  - Your choice of paint protection                                                                                                                                                                                    Save    $210

                                     UNC V2                                                                                                                       Pro Elite Protection Package -                        From   $1350 

                                     UNCR 1.5                                                                                                                                                                                                               Save     $260

                                     Pro Elite 

*Please note this package is designed for new cars any extra cleaning or polishing will incur extra charges*


Exterior Protection:

  Paint Protection 

          UNC V2 -                                   From $350 

                 Up to 3 years of protection 

          UNCR 1.5 -                                From $550 

                 Up to 6 years of protection 

          Pro Elite -                                  From $850 

                 Up to 10 years of protection 

  UNC V3 -                                           From $300 

          Bare Metal Ceramic coating 

                 - 4 Wheels removed 

                 - 4 stage decontamination process

                 - IPA wipe down 

                 - Coating applied 

UGC PRO-                                          From $110  

​          Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat Pro                      dramatically improves visibility and                        improves safety when driving in poor                    weather conditions, especially at night                  time. 
          Furthermore ice, dirt and insects do not                stick to the glass and cleaning the                            windows is very easy - all you need is                      water and a cloth, no need to use                            expensive cleaning detergents.


For the best results we recommend the paintwork be machine polished, this will ensure perfect adhesion conditions. To ensure you get the most out of your coating we recommend you use our soft wash mits, plush drying towels and a ph neutral shampoo. Ask us about our washing techniques to ensure you are washing your vehicle correctly.