What is paint correction? 

 Paint correction is the process of restoring the paintwork of a vehicle. When paint correction is done correctly it eliminates surface imperfections, dull areas and swirling on the surface. This will leave an almost glass like, glossy reflective in the paintwork. 

The term paint correction should only be used if these imperfections are removed correctly. 

The process we use is as follows.


 - Two bucket method hand wash using a special alkaline based shampoo to remove previous waxes and sealant from the paint.

- Hand dried with microfibre towels  and an air blower.

- All plastics and fragile areas taped to protect them from polisher

- Paint correction procedure which includes a small amount of clear coat  removed, using different grades of  polish, different grades of polishing pads and professional machines.

- Second hand wash to remove polishing dust etc.

- Your choice of paint protection applied (see paint protection).


          $90.00 per hour

Most cars can normally be returned to 100% swirl and scratch free. However, some scratches can be to deep to remove safely. We also offer services to fix these deeper imperfections, have a look at our specialised services!