All paint corrections include a full exterior detail:

  • wheelwells/tyres/wheels detailed
  • paintwork rinsed
  • paintwork hand washed
  • Tar and stubborn dirt removed
  • paint work rinsed
  • Light clay bar
  • Paintwork dried
  • Door jambs and wheels dried
  • Polishing
  • Plastics and tyres blackened
  • Glass cleaned
  • Spray wax applied


Three Stage Correction

  • Heavy swirls, deep scratches and oxidation removed
  • Gloss levels increased
  • Etching marks eliminated

  From $900.00




Most cars can normally be returned to 100% swirl and scratch free. However, some scratches can be to deep to remove safely. We also offer services to fix these deeper imperfections, have a look at our specialised services!

(prices may vary depending on vehicle size and paint condition)

Single Stage Correction

  • Light swirl marks removed
  • Gloss levels increased
  • Paintwork clarity achieved

  From $360.00

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of restoring the paintwork of a vehicle. When paint correction is done correctly it elminates surface imprefections, dull areas and swilling on the surface.

This will leave an almost glass like, glossy reflection in the paintwork.

The term paint correction should only be used if these imperfections are removed correctly.

Two Stage Correction

  • Medium swirls and scratches removed
  • Gloss levels increased
  • Paintwork clarity achieved

  From $630.00